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Vestments & Habits
Educational Priest Vestments for Boys and Nun Habits for Girls
(Ask how your Catholic school and parish can get a set of child-size vestments and Mass play kit for free.)



This is: a Chasuble          This is: a White Amice,            and Stole.*                 Alb and Cincture Cord.*

FYI: The above photos are for identifying vestment pieces only and are not Wee Apostle sized vestments.

The child-sized priest vestments for boys are made in the liturgical colors of the Church - green, red, violet, white, gold, black, and rose.  Each vestment is lined adding a higher quality and authenticity to the garment. Sizes are sewn according to the age of an average-sized child from:  2 years old - 10 years old.  Available sizes are: 2,  3/4,  5/6,  7/8,  9/10.  

Please Note: Vestments are rarely the same as what is shown in the photos. Each is made with the fabric, lining and appliqués available at the time of ordering.  


The Vestments Come in the Following Sets:  

SET-1). a chasuble and matching stole.  (in the liturgical color of your choice).  

SET-2). a white alb, white amice and cincture cord.  

SET-3). Altar Linens - altar cloth, corporal, purificator, pall, burse, chalice veil. *

                                                    (Chalice veil and burse are made to match the chasuble and stole.)

Wee Apostle
Altar Linens
altar cloth, corporal, pall, burse, chalice
veil, and purificator

Child-sized nuns' habits for girls are currently available in brown only (Carmelite Order). They are sewn according to the size of an average girl at the following ages: 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.  They include a dress, scapular, wimple, a black veil, and a cincture cord.  The brown habit resembles St. Therese the Little Flower's Carmelite habit.

◀︎ Coming soon. An educational booklet for families, "Sacred Vestments and Vessels."  This booklet has been reviewed by a priest for sound doctrine.  It can accompany the traveling crucifix or chalice that goes from home to home within a parish. There will also be an option to purchase for families.

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