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Contact Sheila at Wee Apostles: 

Contact me to find out how your Catholic parish or school could obtain these educational children's vestments and vessels (children's size chalice) upon establishing a traveling vocations prayer program. 

CHILD-SIZE VESTMENT SETS & PRICING (for individual families who prefer to have their own children's vestments):
Set-1. Chasuble and Stole. 
       (Color Choices: red, green, white, violet, rose, gold or black)  ▶︎  Sizes 2-8:  $105. each      Size:  9/10:  $115. each
Set-2. Alb, Cincture Cord and Amice.  (These are in white)  ▶︎  Sizes 2-8:  $35. each       Size:  9/10:  $45. each
Set-3. Altar Linens: altar cloth, corporal, purificator, chalice veil, pall and burse.  ▶︎ 6 pieces:  $40. each /set
Dress, scapular, cord, veil   (And a wimple with Carmelite habit). ▶︎ Sizes:  2 - 8:  $85.  each   Size:  9/10: $95. each

How to Order:
1. Please indicate in the message box the items, sizes, and colors you are ordering.  
2. I will contact you via email to confirm what it is you are
 ordering and the age/size of the child.
3. I will email you information on paying using PayPal, Zelle or Check.  (This website is limited and unable to take payment).
4. Once the vestment and/or habit is finished I will email a photo of your item(s) and let you know when it is ready for shipment.

5. Allow 2-3 weeks for finished product to be sewn and shipped.   

Which vestments are you interested in?
Send your message and I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

Each and every Wee Apostle and Disciple is prayed for in this apostolate in order to sow seeds in children's minds and hearts about vocations through these educational tools.  Please contact me for more information.    Thank you!

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