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Apostolate of

Wee Apostles and Disciples


"Sewing/Sowing" seeds while praying for vocations.


The prayerful goals of this apostolate are to: 1).Increase vocations through prayer in the home. 2). To sow seeds within children's hearts as they play, pray and learn. 3). Encourage a traveling crucifix vocations prayer program at your parish or school using Wee Apostle vestments to travel with the crucifix into homes with children.


To do this, I sew child-sized vestments for children to play with, and pray together as a family that vocations increase in their own families, in their parish families, the dioceses and the  Catholic Church. I pray for each Wee Apostle and Disciple that plays with these home sewn vestments. 

Browse these pages, say a little prayer for vocations, and please consider starting a traveling vocations prayer program with your parish families or school setting. It is quite simple to get started.  Many families will want to participate to pray for vocations. Go to for more information about a traveling crucifix. 



Lord, send us many holy priests and religious vocations!

© All Photos by Sheila Axt, Wee Apostles

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